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Language Arts

In 2017-2018 school year, Capistrano Beach School District brought in new school adoptions for grades kinder through fifth grade.  For grades Kinder through third- “Wonders” was adopted as the new curriculum and for grades four and five Benchmark Advance was adopted.
    •  Wonders: This curriculum delivers strong literacy skills which will improve the lives of students both now and in the future. The Wonders literacy programs are uniquely designed to move students ahead seamlessly—whether in the core classroom, participating in English Language Development instruction, or benefiting from intervention support. Through research-tested strategies, purposeful technology, and powerful data that informs instruction, Wonders supports the efforts to guide our students/children to success.
    • Benchmark Advance- Rigorous, integrated reading, writing, speaking, and listening instruction meets the needs for students while implementing a reading collaborative, balanced approach, and enables all students to master rigorous learning goals with strong resources for differentiated instruction and responsive teaching based upon ongoing assessments. A forward-thinking approach to English Learner instruction provides unique tools designed to scaffold students to on-level materials, which are complex, high-quality texts built for today's learner.
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