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Physical Education

Children's health and physical well-being is as important as the ability to compute, think and create. Today's youth needs to develop attitudes, actions, and a daily commitment to healthy living practices. Our curriculum is designed to help children acquire movement skills and incorporate them into useful game skills and strategies. Each grade level is responsible for integrating a P.E. program into their weekly schedule.
Highlights for P.E.
In addition to our regular P.E. classes, GW also has two school wide programs which are the Presidential Challenge Physical Fitness testing and the Jog-a-thon. The Presidential Challenge Physical testing challenges each student at their own grade level.  Students are assessed on the following: sit and reach, sit-ups, push-ups, shuttle run, and endurance run. Students will earn either a National or a Presidental certificate.  GW students have the opportunity to participate in the school wide Jog-a-thon every year. Teachers encourage students to practice running/walking laps prior to the event.
Jump Rope