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Social Studies

Social Studies is an integral and exciting part of the curriculum at George White.  It is wholly integrated with Language Arts through literature, writing, and oral presentations.
Kindergarten and First grade focus on family, ancestors, community, symbols,  and the people who serve it.  They also learn basic geography, including mapping skills.  Children are taught about different cultures through stories and songs. 
Second graders compare life of early ancestors with life today.  Their curriculum also includes extending map skills, discovering how our government works, understanding the differences of producers and consumers, and researching American heroes.
Third graders learn about major landforms and their relationship to Native American life.  While learning about rules and laws of citizenship and community, they also get a glimpse of how our U.S. government works.
California history is the study of the fourth grade.  Students complete projects on the California Missions and the Gold Rush.  Fourth graders looks forward to their trip to The Pilgrim in Dana Point Harbor after reading Richard Henry Dana’s book, “Two Years Before the Mast”.  Through the presentation of “A Walk Through California”, they have an interactive overview of the Gold Rush.
Fifth graders focus on U.S. History.  The year begins with a unit on Native Americans followed by an interactive study of the exploration of the New World.  After studying Colonial America, the year ends with the American Revolution unit which is brought alive with a “Walk Through the American Revolution.”
George White teachers are committed to provide a well -rounded foundation in Social Studies following the California State Standards.