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PBIS at Home

Talk about and model PRIDE at home.
Positive Words and Actions
Teach your child to say “Please” and “Thank you.” Make sure every member of the family speaks kindly to each other. Teach your children how to resolve conflicts with each other in kind ways.
Does each member of the family have age appropriate jobs? The best way to teach children to be responsible is to hold them accountable for chores at home. For some great ideas for appropriate chores at each age, click here. 
The best way to teach integrity is to lead by example. For children, it can be helpful to point out times when you or someone close to you is exhibiting integrity. For example, if you find something, you can explain to your child that the right thing to do is to turn it in so that the person who lost it can get it back. Explain to your child how the action shows integrity. 
Demonstrate Safety
We all have rules in our homes that children must follow to be safe: wearing a helmet while riding a scooter, keeping poisonous chemicals out of reach, childproof locks, etc. You can help your child learn about safety by providing the reasoning for wearing a helmet, etc. 
To teach effort, encourage and praise the effort, not the outcome. Some children become afraid to try new things because they want to have perfection. It is important to be mindful that instead of praising only success, that we more frequently praise effort and persistence.